QSL Manager

I currently provide QSL Manager services. If you are looking for a QSL Manager (USA or DX) please feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact me!

At this time there are a few requirements I have for my QSL Manager Services. First and foremost, I DO NOT charge in any way for my QSL assistance. The only cost to the owner of the call is cards (if they want to provide their own custom card) and postage of bulk mailing of cards to the owner.

I will provide basic QSL cards at no cost to the operator. The owner of the callsign can pick from any of the 24 card designs from this link if choosing to go with cards provided by myself. http://cheapqsls.com/standard.html

If the owner of the call would like a different design for their QSL cards, it is their responsibility to provide these cards to me for returning to any stations that request a QSL. I often have used Gennady’s QSL service for customized QSL cards and highly recommend him. http://www.ux5uoqsl.com/

All QSL cards received can be mailed to owner of callsign at intervals of:

Once per month (Jan mailed first week of Feb etc)

Once every 3 months (Jan Feb Mar mailed first week of April etc)

Once every 6 months (Jan-June mailed first week of July)

Once per year (mailed first week of Jan every year)

The interval of which the mailings occur is strictly picked by the owner of the callsign and can be changed at any time. Owner of the callsign is responsible for the postage of bulk mailings to owner.

All QSL cards that I respond to will have a “QSL Verified” stamp on them to authenticate the card including all information from logbook.

OQRS can be set up by the owner of the callsign. If this is an option, I will fill out the cards. Money can be sent directly to call owner.

All operators need to have the ability to send logs for their contacts. This needs to be done on a routine basis, and can be either mailed physically, or sent electronically (preferred) through email or a cloud based file sharing service such as Dropbox.com (free file sharing service) All logs should include the proper data to be able to adequately fill out any QSL requests that are received. If any errors are encountered with a call either not being in the log, or data being inaccurate, verification with the owner will occur before contacting the QSL sender.

When QSL supplies run low (cards) or postage is low for bulk mailing of cards, the owner will be contacted to replenish postage. If owner is currently using the Manager provided QSL’s, an email will be sent prior to re-ordering to ensure the owner does not wish to continue with their own custom design.

Thank you for inquiring about my QSL manager services. If you have any questions, please contact me using the form below. I hope to have the opportunity to help manage your QSL’s! 73’s de Nathan, KC9HYY.